Celtic Woman

One of Ireland’s best kept secrets is bringing their unique, award winning show to 3Arena on January 24th 2015.
Many people here may be unaware that there is one Irish act that has consistently topped the American Billboard Charts for the past 10 years, and have outsold many of this countries more recognised artists, both in albums and ticket sales. At this stage they have become more a less a permanent fixture on US television.
That same success is now making it’s way across the Atlantic with their TV specials becoming a regular feature on the Sky Arts schedule.
After million of albums and concert tickets sold across the World they are most proud to be kicking off their 10th Anniversary World Tour in the city where it all began.
Fans across the globe eager to catch the celebration tour will be treated to a brand-new live show which features elaborate and fresh set designs, brand new costumes, and breathtaking choreography.
The show features a musical selection encompassing Irish classics, contemporary standards and classical favorites alongside memorable original compositions, bridging the past and present with the distinctive grace and style for which Celtic Woman has become known.

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