Roy Orbison In Dreams : Hologram Tour

Roy Orbison In Dreams : Hologram Tour

Dublin: 3Arena, Sunday 29 April

The tour, produced globally by BASE Hologram, a BASE Entertainment Company, is a first of-its-kind worldwide holographic concert performance by Roy Orbison backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the UK and by a 30 plus-piece live symphony orchestra in other countries.  This transformative concert experience recreates the legendary icon through mind-blowing holographic laser imaging as he performs his digitally remastered greatest hits. Roy Orbison and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have also teamed to record A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, released globally by Sony Music early last month.  That album has proven to be a huge seller in the UK where it debuted at  #2 on the national album chart and debuted at #8 in Australia.

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29 April, 3Arena: Tickets: Tickets from €59 inclusive of booking and facility fees.

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Danny Betesh, founder and MD of Kennedy Street and UK Promoter of Roy Orbison In Dreams The Hologram UK Tour and who originally promoted shows with Roy in the 1960s said, “I’ve been working with artists and live shows since the 60s and it’s immensely exciting to see Roy back on the stage in such a modern and creative form. His music never went away and now fans can enjoy seeing the live show and hearing all those much loved songs.”
Ralph Carr, managing director of RCM Touring, is honored to be involved with the Roy Orbison Hologram Tour. “It is amazing that this technology is allowing a whole new audience to experience the magic of Roy Orbison performing his legendary songs back on the live stage.”
Alex Orbison who, along with his brothers Wesley and Roy Orbison, Jr., runs Roy’s Boys, L.L.C, the Nashville-based company that oversees the legacy of their late father, commented, “Our dad was one of the first people to combine rock and roll with orchestral sound so to see the full real deal of having the big orchestra with our dad’s state of the art hologram is really a dream set up.”
This tour will allow fans old and new to get the chance to experience one of the most iconic and revered figures in the history of music in a spectacular and thrilling new way as Orbison and his trademark three-octave range voice come back to the stage he commanded for decades.  Song selection includes “Oh, Pretty Woman,” “You Got It,” “Only The Lonely,” “Crying,” “I Drove All Night,” “It’s Over” and “In Dreams,” (from which the tour’s title is derived) as well as “A Love So Beautiful,” the posthumously released song that is the inspiration for the collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.